Olsi Gjeci

Artistic Director

Choreographer / Dancer

Olsi Gjeci is an Albanian/American choreographer, dancer and dance teacher. He began his professional career as a folk dancer and trained by his father, dancer & choreographer Guri Gjeci. Olsi dances baroque and balinese among other styles.

In 2006, he moved to New York and studied dance and philosophy at Hunter College. He has been dancing with The New York Baroque Dance Company since 2011 and the Trisha Brown Dance Company since December 2013. He is also a member of the Boston Early Music Festival Dance Ensemble and Linda Tomko. He dances with Vicky Shick, among others, in New York. Olsi is founder of the global dance platform UMUV.

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Assistant AD

Choreographer / Dancer

Diana Seabra was born in Oliveira de Azeméis. She started her ballet training when she was 6 years old at EDDALM. At 16 years old she was awarded a summer scholarship by Bird College, in UK.

Diana decides to invest in both therapy and dance as she is able to conciliate her performing career with her studies. In 2007 she graduated in Psychomotor Rehabilitation by Faculdade de Motricidade Humana. In 2010 she was granted a full-scholarship by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian and FLAD to study in New York. In 2012 completed her Master Degree in Dance/Movement Therapy (DMT) by Pratt Institute.

Diana danced with AVEIA Dance Company, Regina Nejman & Company, Kinetic Architecture, Filipe La Feria, Marco Mercier, Benvindo Fonseca, Jácome Filipe among others. She interned as a DMT at Menorah Nursing Home, Bellevue Hospital Center and Centro Psiquiátrico Hospitalar de Lisboa.

Diana joined Sublime in 2012, first as a dancer and later as a choreographer and director assistant.

Nowadays Diana is a dancer, choreographer and director of Sublime Dance Company, a registered-DMT by American Dance Therapy Association and Associação Portuguesa de Dança/Movimento Terapia. Diana has been active in the pioneer group of DMTs who are building the foundations of DMT in Portugal. Diana is also a dance teacher at Oeiras Dance Academy, where she prepares students for dance competitions.

Current dancers

Pedro Carvalho
Pedro Carvalho


Pedro António Carvalho was born in 1994 and started dancing at 10 years old. At 17 he had the first contact with classical and contemporary dance at Escola de Dança Diogo de Carvalho in Leiria. In 2013 was admitted in Escola de Dança do Conservatório Nacional where he finished the 3 years course. During his studies he worked with national and international teachers and choreographers such as: Pedro Carneiro, Catarina Moreira, Boris Storojkov, Mikhail Zavialov, Bruno Roque, Vasco Wellenkamp and Nina Ananiashvili.

As a professional Dancer he worked with young choreographers like Filipa Peraltinha, Elson Ferreira e Margarida Belo Costa at Companhia Projeto M and participated in various dance projects, highlighting: PARTE DE COISA NENHUMA (SDC/Cercioeiras) choreographed by Diana Seabra; A MINHA PÁTRIA É A REVOLUÇÃO (Tiago Vieira); ALCESTE (TNSC). During his career he also participated in productions by the São Carlos National Theatre as an actor and work in other various projects and events of commercial nature as a dancer.

Carlota Rodrigues
Carlota Rodrigues


Carlota started her studies in dance at the School of Dance of the National Conservatory. From the age of 16 to 20, she completed her training as a professional dancer at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow, as a fellow of the Caloustre Gulbenkian Foundation. Since 2016 he attends the Bachelerato of Dance Pedagogy at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. Participates in workshops with Nacho Duato, Azsure Burton, dancers of Wayne Macgregar and GAGA tecnhique. In Portugal he works with the Unstable Company in January 2017.

In June 2017 he co-creates the play "Á Flor da Pele" with Joana Alegre presented at the Gulbenkian. In November of 2017 participates in "Cisnografia" of Luiz Antunes in the Theater Sao luiz. Since 2018 he is a member of the Collective Gospel Group choir. Participates in the productions of the National Theater of São Carlos: "Capoletti e Montequie" (April 2018); "La Traviata" (Jun 18) and "Alceste" (Dec 18, Jan 19). Danced with Guilherme Leal at the Surma concert at the Calustre Gulbenkian Foundation in November 2018. An explorer of expression in the arts, not only movement, representation and interpretation, but also voice in text and music, visual and plastic arts. Open-minded and hungry for the unknown has a keen interest in the synergy that is created between the arts.

Joana Marques
Joana Marques


She was born in Lisbon in 1990. She began her career in the field of sports and practiced rhythmic gymnastics competition for ten years, winning several awards at district and national levels.

She was trained in Dance in several schools and with several renowned teachers, such as, Yuri Chantal. Graduated in Dance by the Superior School of Dance in 2012, she spent three years as a dancer invited by teacher Irina Zavialova at the Dance School of the National Conservatory. She also made the modular course F.O.R. dance theater by Olga Roriz.

She joined the Quorum Ballet Academy for four years, working with such choreographers as Jâcome Filipe, Inês Godinho, São Castro, Daniel Cardoso, Elson Ferreira, Filipe Narciso, Margarida Belo Costa and Patrícia Henriques. She was an intern at the Olga Roriz Company and at the Quorum Ballet Company. She also worked with Benvindo da Fonseca and Gonçalo Lobato for Companhia Nós da Dança. She works regularly with Magalie Lanriot as a guest soloist for various shows and events where dance merges with video mapping / motion graphics. She integrates as an interpreter the company of Afro-contemporary Agadá.

Joana Marques
Maria Abrantes


Maria Abrantes, 22, right handed female person. Based in Lisbon as a freelancer artist. After her studies at António Arroio Artistic School, course Artistic Production specialized in Set and Costume design, she pursued her dance through Superior School of Dance. In 2019 creates BICHO! a collective that works exclusively in site-specific performance. Looking forward to consolidating her artistic background integrates PACAP, Advanced Creation Program in Performing Arts, where she develops the solo piece How To Water Fake Plants, 2020. Same year works to Biblioteca de Marvila with Joaquim Leal in a photography, video dance exhibition and future performance Pudéssemos Nós Viver Tanto Quanto as Oliveiras. Currently working as a dance teacher, freelancer illustrator and dancer with Sublime Dance Company.

Vitor Afonso
Vítor Afonso


Vitor graduated at Conservatório Profissional das Artes in Madeira (Portugal), where he studied classic, contemporary and jazz. He worked at Casino da Madeira and performed at several hotels. He toured in Russia with MBT. In Russia he studied russian and took classes with Boris Eifman Company. He later graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Dance by Escola Superior de Dança in Lisbon. He worked with Amélia Bentes, Catarina Câmara and Barbara Griggi.

He also participated in workshops at Companhia Nacional de Bailado, Companhia de Dança de Almada and Hofesh Schechter intensive workshop. He first joined Sublime Dance Company in 2018. Vitor also teaches contemporary dance in Lisbon.

Marco Olival
Marco Olival


Marco began his studies in 2011 at Escola de Dança do Funchal. In 2018 completes the Secondary Dance Course at Ginasiano Escola de Dança, in Porto. He joined the project "MARGEM" by Victor Hugo Pontes and, at the same time, attended Advanced Training in Interpretation and Choreographic Creation by Companhia Instável, in Porto. He danced “BOCA MURALHA” by Catarina Miranda, attended the 1st year of the Advanced Training Program in Contemporary Dance at Performact in Torres Vedras. In 2021 he joined Sublime Dance Company.

Teresa Manjua
Teresa Manjua


Teresa Manjua, dancer / performer, was born in Faro in 1994. She begins her training in dance with ballroom dancing. Graduated at Escola Superior de Dança in 2015 (Lisbon, Portugal). In 2014, she attended the Erasmus program at Universitetet i Stavanger (Norway) where she had the opportunity to work with Rui Lopes Graça, Hagit Yakira, Peter Jasko, Shi Pratt and Laura Aris Alvarez.

Teresa attended several workshops in Norway, Poland, Ukraine and India with Roberto Olivan, Meytal Blanaru, Isabelle Chauffad, Iwona Olszowska, Natalia Iwaniec, Charlie Morrissey, Guru Suraj and Vega Lukkonen.

In 2015 she started her professional career at the Polish Dance Theater Company (Poland) 2015/2016. Teresa works as a freelancer with artistic structures like Ensemble Dance Co. (UK) by Hayley Matthews (community project), ATOM Theater (Bulgaria) by Stefanyia Georgieva, where she integrates the pieces by Mamoru Sakata and Norihito Ishii (Japan) and Ju-Mi Baek (South Korea) in 2017/2018; Shira Eviatar (Israel) and Iskra Prodanova 2017-2019.

In Portugal she develops work with several companies: CiM (inclusive dance) performer and trainer since 2019. Performer at Companhia da Esquina (dance / theater), Dancenema, Sublime Dance Company and Colectivo Bestiário (2020), in artistic residency at Espaço do Tempo.

David Cardoso Bernardino
David Bernardino


Nasceu em 1995 em Lisboa, Portugal e iniciou-se na dança contemporânea e clássica em 2012, tendo antes disso praticado patinagem artística durante 6 anos. Começou na Quorum Academy, sob a direcção de Daniel Cardoso, como aluno e integrante do atelier coreográfico Projecto Quorum, o que lhe permitiu trabalhar com coreógrafos como Daniel Cardoso, São Castro, Cláudia Nóvoa e Carolina Cantinho.

Em 2016 terminou o curso de 3 anos na Escola de Dança do Conservatório Nacional, tendo tido aulas com professores como Mikhail Zavialov e Catarina Moreira, e obtendo o seu diploma de bailarino profissional. No mesmo ano, inicia-se no teatro musical, completando em 2019 o Curso de Musicais na Primeiro Acto.

Profissionalmente, foi bailarino nas peças “Swan Lake” (2014-2015) e “Sagração da Primavera | Made in China” (2020), da companhia Quorum Ballet e integrou os elencos de “Popota ao Vivo” (UAU Produções, 2017), “Terra dos Sonhos” (Matilde Trocado, 2018), “A Surpreendente Fábrica de Chocolate” (AM Live, 2018), “And The Oscar Goes To…” (Lisbon Film Orchestra, 2019) e “Chicago” (Força de Produção, 2019-2020).

Carlota Sela
Carlota Sela


Carlota was born in 1998 in Almada. In 2019 she graduated in Dance at Escola Superior de Dança, Lisboa, where she worked with coreographers such as Amélia Bentes and Barbara Griggi. While undergoing her degree, she joined Projeto Quorum, where she performed pieces from Daniel Cardoso, Luís Marrafa, Cláudia Novoa, Filipe Narciso and Carolina Cantinho.

Her professional career started at April 2019 when she joined Companhia de Dança Almada. With the company she danced new creations by Bruno Duarte and Julia Ehrstrand and also performed some of their repertoire. During this time, she went on tour with the company in Portugal and in Poland. She mentions Yuri Chatal, Ângela Clemente, Daniel Cardoso, Kim Potthoff, Sylvia Rijmer and Rita Carpinteiro as some of the most important persons in her formation as a dancer.

Past dancers

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Teresa Pinto

Teresa Pinto

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Vitor Hugo Afonso

Artistic Team

Costume Designer: Vanessa Pessoa, Jesus Roriz, Diana Seabra

Videographer/ Photographer: Alex Viczor

Composer: Miguel Amorim