July 1-6

Sublime's new Dance Film

Shooting dance-film at NOVA SBE, Carcavelos

September 2,3,4

Site-specific performance

@NOVA SBE, Carcavelos

September 14, 15

The Fluidity of Things - Show

@ Auditório Jerónimo Martins, Carcavelos

September 27

The Fluidity of Things - Show

@ Auditório Ruy de Carvalho, Oeiras

October 11, 12, 13

The Fluidity of Things - Show

@ Auditório COSFA, Oeiras

The Fluidity Of Things

APRIL 27, 2019 @ 21:00   (Premiere)

Free admission

Photo by: Alex Wiczor

Performers: Diana Seabra, Carlota Rodrigues, Joana Marques, Pedro Carvalho, Marcelo Magalhães

Choreography: Olsi Gjeci

Event: Junta-te à dança

Place: Mercado De Benfica R. João Frederico Ludovice, Benfica, Lisboa, Portugal

A piece that embodies the idea that in life everything flows. Things happen one after the other and the human being plays, gets distracted and grows in that fluidity. Events flow and influence each other. As a result, a million facts conjugate themselves in infinite different forms. The ilusion of control may blind us from our own growth, for our only control lies on how we receive and deal with what happens to us. Illusion is attractive, seductive, persistent and perseverant. Our action is movement and movement is dance.

THE FLUDITY OF THINGS dances the action of 5 bodies in space, time, interelationships without forgetting the infinite possibilities for the same event. At the same time, other bodies defy the audience with the idea of stillness. What scares us the most? Fluidity or Stillness? Do we want to keep moving or do we want to stop?

This project is being supported by:

Oeiras Dance Academy
UMUV - The Global Dance Platform
Estudios Victor Cordon
Stage Plot