Sublime's Repertory

  • 64x Possibilities
    64x1 64x Possibilities

    The dance emerges from a deep desire to investigate new movement possibilities bound by time and space limitations.

    Performers: Diana Seabra, Rui Peixoto, Catarina Albano, Renato Gomes, Tatiana Verissímo

    Choreography: Olsi Gjeci & Diana Seabra

    Music: Murcof, Nosaj Thing, Arvo Part, Jacaszek, Monolake

    Costumes: Vanessa Pessoa

    Lighting Designer: Carlos Ramos

    Premiere: June 20, 2014

    Place: Centro Cultural De Belem. Lisbon, Portugal

    Started out as a research study, this piece is inspired by the two-player strategy board game, chess. The idea came to life during one of Olsi’s dedicated nights playing chess. The visuals ascended in his mind during the game, inspired this project. The choreographic process in this piece is grounded by the rules of chess. The stage is transformed into a chessboard itself. Movement patterns are exhaustively explored and created by experimenting with each pieces’ movement capabilities and limitations. The movement patterns are then selected to abstractly mirror the logic behind the game of chess. The further development of these ideas gave rise to working with other elements, such as, creating physical boundaries/obstacles on stage, namely the 3D extensions of the black & white squares.Walls” grow between the dancers, turning the space into a labyrinth which challenges the dancers to find a collective awareness within their own ndividuality.

  • Music For Muscles
    Mfm1 Music For Muscles

    Music For Muscles is an expression of energetic discharge through dynamically and rhythmically subtle but complex states of transformations.

    Choreography: Olsi Gjeci

    Performers: Diana Seabra & Traci Klein

    Music: Apparat, Rupa & The April Fishes, Murcof

    Costumes: Anjola Toro

    Premiere: January 31, 2013

    Event: Cool NY 2013

    Place: John Ryan Theater, Brooklyn

    Music For Muscles is an expression of the physical and emotional need to occupy space, to imprint movement in it, and to create a dialogue between IT and the body through an electrified and highly charged continuum. It is an investigation into the fibers of muscles and space and how the exchange between them produces electrified states in need to create music. It is an attempt to have 5 distinct qualities of movement and time: legato, staccato, moderato, adagio and presto, to affect and create energetic states of being, and to express them by way of creating a musical score imagining the muscles being the notes on it. It is an attempt at understanding the dialogue between fluctuations in muscle processes and space-time continuum and the physical and nonphysical modulations they produce.

  • unTITLEd
    Untitled1 unTITLEd

    The dance emerges from a deep desire to investigate new movement possibilities bound by time and space limitations.

    Choreography: Olsi Gjeci

    Performers: Diana Seabra, Olsi Gjeci, Erin Hunter, Timothy Edwards, Traci Klein

    Music: Murcof

    Costumes: The Dancers

    Premiere: August 17, 2013

    Event: Waterside Plaza Dance Fest. 2013

    Place: Waterside Plaza, NYC

    Made for and performed in a beautiful plaza on the east river in New York city- Waterside Plaza. The openness and freshness of the view of the river coupled with the strong architectural elements of the space, like the white and heavy steal pillars created and interesting playground for movement and choreographic experiments. The warm summer air and the presence of the river also affected the smooth, water like nature of movement vocabulary, which was meant to have a playful conversation with the more rigid parts of what was not moving in the plaza. During the creation of the piece the question of how movement can be in conversation with many different environments and affect them in a very physical and poetic way, drove the nature and mood of the piece. As with any site-specific piece, it will never be performed again in the same way but hopefully enlarge and inspire conversation of a strong nature.

  • Spanish Notes
    Spanish notes 1 Spanish Notes

    Spanish Notes is a dance work that explores, responds to, and develops on universal themes of love, hate, happiness, sadness, loss, longing, and loneliness.

    Choreography: Olsi Gjeci

    Performers: Diana Seabra, Virginia Lin, Gilbert Reyes, Ivanova Aguilar, Shara Harad

    Music: Chavela Vargas

    Costumes: Anjola Toro

    Premiere: March 24, 2013

    Event: WaxWorks 2013

    Place: Triskelion Arts Center, Brooklyn NY

    The inspiration for this work comes from emotionally charged life experiences expressed through the mediums of song, poetry, painting, and photography. The piece aims to engage the performer in a self-discovery through the use of his or her own body and voice. The experience of the performer becomes part of the overall message of the piece: that of the communication and re-creation of strong emotional experiences.

  • Trio C
    Trioc+1 Trio C

    Trio C is a piece that was inspired by the way bodies move in close proximity within an imagined triangle.

    Choreography: Olsi Gjeci

    Performers: Ivanova Aguilar, Traci Klein & Olsi Gjeci

    Music: Murcof

    Premiere: November 3, 2012

    Event: Loteria Performing Arts

    Place: Teatro Jaime Salom, Madrid, SPAIN

    The dark atmoshpere is accompanied by the specific lighting design wherein bodies appear and disappear on stage as if they enter areas on stage were light is not present. The movement vocabulary is very based on traveling from one point to another, and also with a constant awareness of other spaces occupied by moving bodies. The piece is 5-6 min long and the length meant to reflect the transient nature of movement in between light and darkness.

    Rainha 1 RAINHA

    This piece explores the qualities that compose the core of being and becoming oneself: vulnerability, confidence, self control, openness, balance, and self-mastery.

    Choreography: Olsi Gjeci

    Performer: Diana Seabra

    Music: Carlos Paredes, Einstürzende Neubauten, Murcof

    Costumes:Anjola Toro

    Premiere: March 17, 2013 // Event: Fertile Ground 2013

    Place: Green Space, Long Island City, NY

    All these qualities are developed and dealt within the shell of a bigger idea : the rediscovery of oneself through the process of giving style to one’s character. The piece tries to kinesthetically explore the space that surrounds one’s being as having different angles, depth, levels, shapes, qualities, colors, sounds, thus producing images and emotional scores that are painted with careful intention. The composition of it is mainly thought of as coming together under the pillars of 3 idea-sections, wherein 1) something sheds, 2) something is transformed and 3) something is reborn. In each of these three sections there is a compositional tendency of including patterns, shapes, lines, and use of space from the other two, thus commenting on and highlighting the importance of circularity and recurrence within the rediscovery theme, as if saying that the process of finding oneself within space/time can be understood as circular, and not directly affected by time which moves horizontally, but finding a perpendicular sense of it as well , which if connected with the horizontal can supply a bigger and a circularly inclusive process.

  • Home Strings
    Home strings 1 Home Strings

    Home strings desc!!

    Choreography: Olsi Gjeci

    Performers: Erin Hunter Jennings, Diana Seabra, Toshihiko Nakazawa, Shara Harad

    Music: George Tsuris (original composition)

    Costumes:The Company

    Premiere: April 27, 2012

    Event: Apollo Opera Spring Offerings

    Place: St. Jerome Opera House, Bronx

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  • NUS()
    Nus()1 NUS()

    A duet that is inspired by the fluctuating differences of two sources, worlds, realities, perspectives, beings, individuals and their development in accepting and making room for each other’s affectation.

    Choreography: Olsi Gjeci

    Performers: Diana Seabra & Olsi Gjeci

    Music: Mark Oaks (original composition)

    Costumes: Anjola Toro

    Premiere: (excerpt) August 11, 2012

    Event: Waterside Dance Festival

    Place: Waterside Plaza, NYC

    A duet that concerns itself with bringing awareness in the relationship that is being developed by exploring movement that is reminiscent of past, present and future, in the way it is dynamically offered: slow and attacking as the past, fast and energetic as the present, and a sustained legato as the mysterious future. Above all the duet tries to explore the process of slicing through the time and perspective realities which inspire questions of a higher meaning: those of the development of the SELF in time.

  • ON THE 3 metamorphoses
    On+the+three+metamorphoses 1 ON THE 3 metamorphoses

    ON THE 3 metamorphoses desc!!

    Choreography: Olsi Gjeci

    Performers: Olsi Gjeci, Chen Shoham, Erin Hunter Jennings, Kaitlin Hines

    Music: Aphex Twin, Murcof, Autechre.

    Costumes: Anjola Toro

    Video: Stephanie Vartanian

    Premiere: March 27, 2011-Place: Triskelion Arts Center

    ON THE 3 metamorphoses long desc......

  • [+=1]
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    The work revolves around a broad investigation of Life’s richness and abundance with respect to Relationships.

    Choreography: Olsi Gjeci

    Performers: Olsi Gjeci, Erin Hunter Jennings, Diana Seabra,, Toshihiko Nakazawa

    Shara Harad, Alessia Della Casa, Faith Kimberling

    Music: Cecil Lytle, Pan Sonic, Air, Murcof

    Costumes: Anjola Toro/Olsi Gjeci

    Premiere: Feb 29, 2012Place: Great Room, Brooklyn

    Relationships here understood and investigated within the abstract level of consciousness. The work tries to establish a connection with being as a whole and tries to question and explore its multifaceted realm. How do relationships begin, evolve, develop and end is a question that grounds this work to its realistic and material aspects . Finding ‘Life’ in the beginnings of relationships by exploring our drives, needs and capacities to maintain ourselves and survive within the constant fight for establishing a connection with the Other’. Finding ‘Life’ in the endless transitional moments wherein two persons start to recognize each other and decide to share grounds. Finding ‘Life’ at the end of a relationship’s journey where emotions, passions, drives, and thoughts manifest themselves differently, and the need for a higher, richer, and more a meaningful experience is at the heart of Life.

  • Spring Duets
    Spring 1 Spring Duets

    Spring Duets desc

    Choreography: Olsi Gjeci

    Performers: Helen Penn, Erin Hunter, Diana Seabra, Toshihiko Nakazawa Charlotte Ghigliazza, Shara Harad, Alessia Della Casa, Faith Kimberling

    Music: Radiohead

    Costumes: The Company

    Premiere: March 10, 2012

    Place: Edgewater Hall, Staten Island----Event:Second Saturday's: Art on The Edge

    Spring Duets desc

  • Guess
    Guess 1 Guess

    Sublime's latest piece called GUESS was a success when it premiered in Oliveira de Azeméis last December 2015. A fun collaboration with our friend and guest Nelson Seabra.

    Choreography: Olsi Gjeci

    Performers: Olsi Gjeci, Nelson Seabra

    Music: Emir Kusturica & The No_Smoking Orchestra

    Costumes: Diana Seabra

    Premiere: December, 2015

    Place: Cineteatro Caracas, Oliveira De Azémeis, Portugal

    GUESS desc