64x Possibilities

The dance emerges from a deep desire to investigate new movement possibilities bound by time and space limitations.

Performers: Diana Seabra, Rui Peixoto, Catarina Albano, Renato Gomes, Tatiana Verissímo

Choreography: Olsi Gjeci & Diana Seabra

Music: Murcof, Nosaj Thing, Arvo Part, Jacaszek, Monolake

Costumes: Vanessa Pessoa

Lighting Designer: Carlos Ramos

Premiere: June 20, 2014

Place: Centro Cultural De Belem. Lisbon, Portugal

Started out as a research study, this piece is inspired by the two-player strategy board game, chess. The idea came to life during one of Olsi’s dedicated nights playing chess. The visuals ascended in his mind during the game, inspired this project. The choreographic process in this piece is grounded by the rules of chess. The stage is transformed into a chessboard itself. Movement patterns are exhaustively explored and created by experimenting with each pieces’ movement capabilities and limitations. The movement patterns are then selected to abstractly mirror the logic behind the game of chess. The further development of these ideas gave rise to working with other elements, such as, creating physical boundaries/obstacles on stage, namely the 3D extensions of the black & white squares. Walls grow between the dancers, turning the space into a labyrinth which challenges the dancers to find a collective awareness within their own ndividuality.