A duet that is inspired by the fluctuating differences of two sources, worlds, realities, perspectives, beings, individuals and their development in accepting and making room for each other’s affectation.

Performers: Diana Seabra & Olsi Gjeci

Choreography: Olsi Gjeci

Music: Mark Oaks (original composition)

Costumes: Anjola Toro

Premiere: August 11, 2012

Event: Waterside Dance Festival

Place: Waterside Plaza, NYC

A duet that concerns itself with bringing awareness in the relationship that is being developed by exploring movement that is reminiscent of past, present and future, in the way it is dynamically offered: slow and attacking as the past, fast and energetic as the present, and a sustained legato as the mysterious future. Above all the duet tries to explore the process of slicing through the time and perspective realities which inspire questions of a higher meaning: those of the development of the SELF in time.