The work revolves around a broad investigation of Life’s richness and abundance with respect to Relationships.

Performers: Olsi Gjeci, Erin Hunter Jennings, Diana Seabra, Toshihiko Nakazawa, Shara Harad, Alessia Della Casa, Faith Kimberling

Choreography: Olsi Gjeci

Music: Cecil Lytle, Pan Sonic, Air, Murcof

Costumes: Anjola Toro & Olsi Gjeci

Premiere: Feb 29, 2012

Place: Great Room, Brooklyn

Relationships here understood and investigated within the abstract level of consciousness. The work tries to establish a connection with being as a whole and tries to question and explore its multifaceted realm. How do relationships begin, evolve, develop and end is a question that grounds this work to its realistic and material aspects . Finding ‘Life’ in the beginnings of relationships by exploring our drives, needs and capacities to maintain ourselves and survive within the constant fight for establishing a connection with the Other’. Finding ‘Life’ in the endless transitional moments wherein two persons start to recognize each other and decide to share grounds. Finding ‘Life’ at the end of a relationship’s journey where emotions, passions, drives, and thoughts manifest themselves differently, and the need for a higher, richer, and more a meaningful experience is at the heart of Life.