Spanish Notes

Spanish Notes is a dance work that explores, responds to, and develops on universal themes of love, hate, happiness, sadness, loss, longing, and loneliness.

Performers: Diana Seabra, Virginia Lin, Gilbert Reyes, Ivanova Aguilar, Shara Harad

Choreography: Olsi Gjeci

Music: Chavela Vargas

Costumes: Anjola Toro

Event: WaxWorks 2013

Premiere: March 24, 2013

Place: Triskelion Arts Center, Brooklyn NY

The inspiration for this work comes from emotionally charged life experiences expressed through the mediums of song, poetry, painting, and photography. The piece aims to engage the performer in a self-discovery through the use of his or her own body and voice. The experience of the performer becomes part of the overall message of the piece: that of the communication and re-creation of strong emotional experiences.