The dance emerges from a deep desire to investigate new movement possibilities bound by time and space limitations.

Performers: Diana Seabra, Olsi Gjeci, Erin Hunter, Timothy Edwards, Traci Klein

Choreography: Olsi Gjeci

Music: Murcof

Costumes: The Dancers

Premiere: August 17, 2013

Event: Waterside Plaza Dance Fest. 2013

Place: Waterside Plaza, NYC

Made for and performed in a beautiful plaza on the east river in New York city- Waterside Plaza. The openness and freshness of the view of the river coupled with the strong architectural elements of the space, like the white and heavy steal pillars created and interesting playground for movement and choreographic experiments. The warm summer air and the presence of the river also affected the smooth, water like nature of movement vocabulary, which was meant to have a playful conversation with the more rigid parts of what was not moving in the plaza. During the creation of the piece the question of how movement can be in conversation with many different environments and affect them in a very physical and poetic way, drove the nature and mood of the piece. As with any site-specific piece, it will never be performed again in the same way but hopefully enlarge and inspire conversation of a strong nature.